I am an amateur photographer, born in Ascoli Piceno (Italy) in 1980. I have always had profound interest for photography, but the passion is born only after an illuminant trip abroad in 2013: during those unforgettable days, I realized the opportunity to impress in a photograph memories, emotions, frame of mind that precise moment, that instant of life. 
My job does not allow me much free time, but also try to find the moments that, for me, become unique and unforgettable moments of photography. 
I prefer landscape photography, architecture and the lights that depict their characters, but I love everything that you can photograph. 
I am a self-taught and my experience has grown over time through an intensive study of many books and photographs taken. Even today I am continuing to learn new concepts, and every day I understand that I have a lot to learn. 
Thanks to all those who visit my works and to all those who, with their criticism, will help me to improve. I wish everyone a good vision.