Anton J. Pisani is Italian, now based in Malta.

He is "a person of words", copywriting and advertising that the telecommunications industry appreciate for his ability to write persuasive texts.

He began his “writing” through images, as photojournalist in the ’90s.

Due to his photography, he is different from other copywriters because he expresses himself through visual techniques.

He lived in Italy for many years, mainly in Naples but also in Rome and Milan.

Living in these large cities influenced his photographic projects; in them you can find proof of his studies about how the human being lives in this cities and how behaves, as well as of the surrounding environment.

He does not like “labels” and does not like to be called a street photographer, but rather a perpetual traveller looking for surprising human's characteristics.

It is only recently that the critic began to notice him.

Instead of this, prominent international experts have included his prints in prestigious collections, finding them innovative, elegant, modern and with a touch of melancholy.