living on a jet plane

Professional photographer since 1984, Enrico Mascheroni takes an interest in reportages about current events, society, and ethnic minorities.

He is a witness of the Kurdish exodus after the Gulf’s War, of the war in Ex-Jugoslavia and of the flight of thousands of refugees from Kosovo.

In Albania, after 50 years of dictatorship, he documents the difficult journey of these people toward democracy.

He documents the work of "the gold’s damned men" in Serra Pelada and the Yanomami Indios’ risk of extinction in Brazil.

He travels to Peru and Bolivia on the track of an ancient legend from the Andes about coca leaves and he follows the "Leopardos" fighting drug traffickers.

Reports about Africa; the rebirth of Rwandian people after the genocides between Hutu and Tutsi, the forgotten war in Sudan and the life in the slums built on Nairobi’s dumps.

He travels to the South-East Asia in "the gold triangle of opium", he documents the drama of sexual tourism, of H.I.V.’s victims, of juvenile exploitation in Nepal and of the dreadful reality of Cambogia’s mines.

With a reportage he visits Chernobyl’s atomic research station, in the "off-limits" zones and about hope’s journeys of children from Ukraine and Bielorussia to which hospitality is given in Italy.