Massimiliano-MarinoMassimiliano Marino was born in Genoa in 1978. After spending the early years of his childhood in Imperia, he moved in the province of Salerno, where he currently lives. The passion for photography comes alive since he was a baby, curious and lively, he started playing with the first compact cameras with roll of 110mm then with a Kodak 4000 with a roll disc. The presence at home of a Commodore 64 computer led him to explore the digital world, when 8, he was able to change a game for the home computer.

The technological evolution of those time helped him learn new forms of computer language changing various operating systems. When he was 14 received as a gift his first motorbike that over the years has become companion of adventures, and from a mere spectator of his life Massimo starts being the protagonist.

This feeling of belonging to the movement is captured through the viewfinder of his reflex camera that combines, in the years of military service, to that of the artillery. Looking at the world with different eyes will be his lifestyle.

Massimiliano grows with the need to be impetuous present in his life, in fact, chooses sports such as horse riding, synonymous of freedom, and underwater activity that through free diving allows him to have a close contact with uncontaminated sea bottoms. The photograph becomes a fundamental tool to approach things and his experience, shows the complexity or simplicity of life, portrays faces or events, avoids forgetting, and prevents time from flowing. The need to understand how the world works leads him to new knowledge in engineering and to a great passion for electronics, the web and the graphic design.

With the first web connections was born ‘Maxics’, a project that encompasses all that Massimiliano Marino is becoming starting from the photography, through the computer, the web and the graphic design. Maxics captures the evolution of the visionary character but analytical of Massimiliano. He goes on analyzing himself and working materials, patents and trials of new techniques and of professional and human growth.

In 2006 Maxics is registered as a trademark. Currently he experiences and develops projects both graphical and programming web, looking for new preparation technologies using not only the camera, but also from the best software that are available today. What characterizes Massimiliano since he was baby is his curiosity, the same that brought him to the knowledge of photography and now leads him to excellent collaboration with professionals and artists of international renown, and to live exciting experiences that captures with his unfailing Nikon.