Silvano Franzi

was born in Verbania, January 14, 1945. At the age of 23 years started as a simple amateur, but soon the photograph becomes for him a real professional choice. His work comes from great interest for image processing and visual effects. In addition to conventional photography, he makes use of techniques and mechanical and chemical: solarization, toning, frames (photo-graphy), chimigrammi, contrast control with masks, image conversion from "continuous tone" in the image " Stroke ", collages and more ... The materials used are disparate: the highest quality products, film and paper expired or deteriorated, bathrooms depleted and contaminated everything that might lead the author to achieve the desired effect. 
Industrial photographer for a decade, has the best equipment available on the market at that time. 
Passionate about graphics (drawing cars at the age of 13 years, as a hobby) in 1991 following a course of "Autocad" advanced and begins at the age of 40 years, to deal with computer-aided design, also draws hundreds of watches. Use the Reflex to the choice of preference for the use of the pc, the distance is short.

At the end of the nineties is responsible for Marketing (Art director and communication). As Art Director runs a spot in 3/4 "at a well-known autmobilistica. 
He has worked in several areas: design (interior designer), fashion (lingerie), electronic industries, information technology, marketing, and subsequently in the field of mobile telephony (Network Implementation) 
For about two years picks up his camera, while showing a preference for processing of 3D graphics, and experimentation (experimental photography and Contemporary DIGITAL ART). 
Realize 6 DVD 3D animation and how WEBMASTER realizes its web sites

Silvano Franzi has participated in numerous exhibitions and events, such as:

1977-Gravellona Toce 
1978-3rd National Exhibition of Photographic Art in Perugia 
1978-San Pietro Mosezzo 
1980/81-Collettiva C.F.C. Verbania 
1981-Personal Exhibition at Villa Bernocchi Premeno Premeno VB (italy) 
1982 - A photo dall'Agfa is published in the book "THE COLOR AND 'AN OPINION." 
In 2010 creates a Slideshow "MYSTERY" on masks along with other authors 
In March 2011, participates in the MAIL ART COLLECTIVE EDITION "IN ART", organized space ARTECARLA Carla Colombo-IMBERSAGO LC (ITALY) 
In October 2011 one of his staff at the gallery on-line "Your Art" by Carla Colombo

In August of 2012 participating in: Svet stvaraju Kreativni Ljudi / CREATIVE PEOPLE created World 063/260 980, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia 
For the end of exhibition "Creative People created world" I posted one poet and one writer. Their poems and stories awaits you in Inglese translated in album. I want to thank everyone: artists who unselfishly shared Their Art and people who came to exhibition. In These 10 days more than 20 thousand people viewed this album. I hope you all enjoyed within 10 days of creativity

In 2013, the online magazine / porsche publish a picture of him: Porsche 908 LH (1000 km of Monza 1968)

In the May 2014 edition of IGNIRE Photography and graphics company! 
Bangalore, India, publishes two of his photos

Today knows various graphics software from more mundane Photoshop programs much more sophisticated three-dimensional.

Biographical notes referring to a personal estate of 1981 with a friend and colleague at the villa BERNOCCHI Premeno VB (Italy). 
Teresa Sperduto