The secret beauty of visible sound


What if we could see sound? We would be immersed in amazing shapes drawn by sound waves in space. Thanks to Cymatics, we can go beyond the limits of our senses, and visualize the patterns created by an acoustic frequency on a fluid’s surface.

This photographic project is a tribute to the secret beauty of Nature by showing the fascinating shapes generated on water by natural objects’ sounds (both Earthly and astronomic), which draw in front of the camera’s lens the invisible symphony of reality.

Photography crosses new frontiers: with Resonance, it becomes a medium to live a particular sensory experience, through the representation of sound in the visual field. The invisible becomes image, and the image awakens the imagination.

For each natural subject that produces sounds, it was chosen the most emblematic shot, in which shape and colours recall the idea of ​​the represented sound source. The photograph thus ends up arousing your perceptive imagination, making you visualize what you do not hear and hear what you do not see.



● 1st Prize and "Jury Top Five Selection" in the International Photography Awards IPA 2021, category "Nature - Other"


Photos here presented:

  • 1. Magma

    Volcano Etna (Italy)

  • 2. Stalagmite

    A drop’s impact on a forming stalagmite, Cave of Agia Sofia, Kythira (Greece)

  • 3. Earthquake

    Tōhoku (Japan), March 11, 2011

  • 4. Geyser

    “Old Faithful”, Yellowstone National Park, WY (USA)

  • 5. Snowstorm

    Lavarone (Italy), January 2004

  • 6. Hurricane

    “Wilma”, Miami, FL (USA), October 24, 2005

  • 7. Waves

    Atlantic Ocean, Florida Keys (USA)

  • 8. Beluga

    Delphinapterus leucas

  • 9. Killer whale

    Orcinus orca

  • 10. Blue whale

    Balaenoptera musculus