I have a technical approach to all the aspects of life, from my hobbies to my job I always need to know “how it works”.
After having worked few years in the range of computer science and motorbikes (my two passions), since about six years I completely dedicated myself to professional photography (that I was use to practise as amateur since I was a child).

Freelance photographer activity:
-Collaboration with professional photographers;
-Collaboration with the Editor of the Scientific Magazine "Castellum" for the photos and the graphic design;
-Collaboration with the Editor of the “Europa Nostra Scientific Bullettin” for the photos and the graphic design.
-Collaboration  with the local newspaper “La Voce di Rovigo” for sport photography;
-Photographer for private events, weddings, ceremonies.

-Catalogue photography for Fluxus Jubileum

-Dec. 2010: Exhibition at the Fnac galleries as one of the 30 best shots of the photographic marathon;
-Sept. 2010: Second place for the competition  Samsung next Italia; Paolina Borghese B&W
-2010: Selected after the National Competition “Il Ventre della Villa” for interior photography, for the Exhibition at the Fair "Abitare il tempo" in Verona.